As a plaintiff’s litigator for twenty years I saw first-hand how litigation – and litigators – failed both parties. I began to explore alternatives to traditional litigation. That exploration led me to Harvard Divinity School where I wrote my graduate thesis on the role of apology in legal settings, an essay published by the YALE LAW JOURNAL. Today I have integrated my expertise in law and ethics to create a client-centered alternative to litigation based on fairness, transparency, and accountability.

About Lee Taft, J.D., M.Div.


When things go wrong…Taft has solutions.

When things go wrong, you have a choice in how you will respond. As kids we learned to tell the truth, say we were sorry, and do our best to make things right.  As adults we listen to lawyers who tell us to defend and deny – advice that often costs us our reputation, our customers, and, worst of all, our integrity.

When things go wrong leaders need courage – and a plan. Taft Solutions offers a step-by-step method that reduces costs, avoids litigation, and preserves relationships. His method has been successfully employed by some clients in the midst of crisis and by others as a foundation for their crisis-preparedness plan. His method has proved successful across industries: from cities to hospitals to manufacturers.  

Read the case studies to learn more about Taft’s method. And let us know how we can help you make the right choice when things go wrong.


“When the City of Dallas was in crisis because of the fake drug scandal Lee helped me create an authentic response that coupled accountability, fairness and smart legal strategy – an innovative approach that allowed us to resolve the cases quickly and fairly while also saving millions and restoring public trust.”

Madeleine Johnson - Former Dallas City Attorney now Vice President and General Counsel, Southwest Airlines