Lee is an expert in resolving conflict between parties who seek to maintain an on-going relationship. In stranger litigation, the goal of mediation is often only the resolution of the dispute. Yet, when the relationship between the parties matters, more than resolution is needed. Lee has developed a step-by-step process called “RestorativeMediations” designed to resolve the conflict and help the parties heal.

Visit the RestorativeMediations websiteThe first step in the process is to provide each party with an opportunity to talk candidly about the dispute and his/her hopes for the outcome. This occurs in a private meeting (usually 10-14 days before a joint meeting) with only the party, his/her lawyer, and Lee in attendance. After a series of these private meetings, the parties, along with their lawyers, meet with Lee for a facilitated conversation. In the joint meeting, reparative expressions such as apology and forgiveness are invited and encouraged.The goal of the process is to create a safe space for the parties to talk with each other, resolve the dispute, and find forgiveness.

His method has been particularly valued in:

  •  Collaborative family law processes;
  •  Employment disputes;
  •  Church conflicts.

"Lee created a non-threatening atmosphere where honest, active listening to the heart of the other opened doors for forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation. Because of his skillfulness,  we experienced a major breakthrough that averted legal action, yet more importantly, provided a platform for moving forward with respect and care for each other."

Kevin Kanouse, Bishop of North Texas-Northern Louisiana, ELCA